Saturday, 30 June 2012

Blooming Lovely Bruschetta

It's official I'm totally addicted to a certain foodstuff! Not those Haribo sweets that were problematic in the dim distant past  nor anything of those other things that are well known naughty temptresses such as chocolate, crisps or chips. What I'm finding it hard to resist at the moment is incredibly cheap,  surprisingly healthy and is super quick to knock up from scratch.    I'm  hooked on my own  take of that old Meditteranean classic, bruschetta. Pan am oli, as they  say  on the Meditteranean island of Mallorca.  Or for those of us who are Brits through and through, tomatoes on toast.

Just lightly toast some really good  bread.  It would normally be home produced here in the breadmaker but -I've been using some rather passable sourdough  that I've got in the freezer at the moment.  There were a few marked down loaves at the Coop recently which I snapped up.   Meanwhile quickly fry some chopped tomatoes in a glug of extra virgin olive oil.  Once the  toast is cooked, rub it with a sliced clove of garlic and then tip the contents of the frying pan over it, juices and all.  Season with a bit of freshly ground salt and pepper.   The result?  Simple but thoroughly tasty heaven on a plate!

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