Saturday, 2 June 2012

Capturing the Market with Cress

I like to think of myself as a blogging eco-chick,who, in an ideal world, would be feeding alfalfa sprouts to  her  dewy skinned, contemplative child.  What’s more he’d be begging  for them at every opportunity. Not so though!  Aside from  his enthusiasm for fish, olives, a well cooked roast dinner and his propensity to eat me out of house and home every time I buy cherry tomatoes  Louis is not adverse to a good dose of junk food. Every so often I’m worn down and cave into his baser foodie instincts. After excessive bouts of pester power he gets the occasional visit to Maccy Dees even though I know that he’s not really there for the chicken nuggets.  It’s a dining choice based purely on the fact that there’s a toy in the kiddie meal.

So, it was with reluctance, that I found myself there yesterday.   Gone is the pseudo- jolly red and white interior of yesteryear that takes me back to my own youth when I too, viewed a gloopy milkshake as a treat.  However,  the effect of up to date, calming décor was somewhat lost because of the muzak blasting out.  Am I beginning to sound like my dad?  Grumpily,  I ordered a coffee and an apple pie, a foodstuff that bears no resemblance to those gorgeous concoctions that Mama and Nana Lovelygrey can rustle up at times of glut.  Lou, of course, has his usual and as he opening the box I was brimming with anticipation to see what piece of plastic tat was going to be gracing my home this time.

But blow me down! I was pleasantly surprised.  There was lots of nature stuff, and a kit to build a hedgehog complete with a tissue impregnated with cress seeds to form his spikes.  We now have a mini nursery garden in the motorhome and our new crop has joined a pot of basil, that’s doing a beautiful job of perfuming the van but was really brought to add extra lustre to bolognaise sauce.   For those reluctant adult diners who only case the joint at the behest of their children every few months, I’d say earn some brownie points and get down there now  whilst the going’s good.

What’s going on?  Has this fast food giant wholeheartedly embraced the new green culture or are they trying to pull the wool over my eyes?  Is there still a scary clown in a multi-coloured nylon wig waiting in the wings, just ready to pounce out and supersize me?  

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