Saturday, 9 June 2012

Days Out in Devon: Dawlish Air Show

It's rare that I spend annual leave periods at home.  More often than not I'm satisfying my francophile fancies in the motorhome or venturing even further afield when mood or finances afford.  A lot of local events held on weekdays in school holidays therefore pass me by.  However for a change Mama and Papa Lovelygrey are visiting during this Whitsun half term break so it's only polite that I'm off work.  I had hoped to help them comprehensively explore South Devon with their favourite, and indeed only grandson but the weather has not been on our side.  Yesterday though, there was a break in the torrential rain and gale force winds, an obligatory feature of any important holiday period in England.  We took the opportunity to head off to  Dawlish to take in the town's annual air show.

Now my review of this event is a mixed one. 'Arrive early' advised the organisers.  And so we did an hour and a half in advance of the scheduled start time of midday and were pleasantly surprised to find a parking space free of charge just ten minutes walk from the Warren, our chosen viewing point.  After a coffee and a play on the beach, the Devon Air Ambulance duly turned up at twelve, providing an opportune moment for my photogenic son to pose his heart out.  Another helicopter flew past and a couple of planes looped the loop and then nothing.  For what seemed like an age, and in actual fact was a period of over an hour, we only had the seabirds performing some understated aeronautical trickery to entertain us.

Then finally at about two thirty there was a bit more activity in the sky culminating in a display by the Red Arrows at four o' clock who, of course,did not disappoint.    In fact they were the only act that caused Louis and Abi to sit up, put their sandcastle building on hold and take notice of the aerial antics taking place above them over the shoreline.

On the plus side the event was free and takes place in a spectacular location.  If the organisers could guarantee the weather it would be the icing on the cake that would make a good day playing on the sand by the seaside utterly brilliant.  However, memories of being chilled to the bone standing around will stay with me for a while and as good weather is not a dead cert, I won't be making this event an annual occasion in the Lovelygrey calendar.

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  1. Red Arrows and helicopters, I love them, and a superb location to view. Perfect day.