Monday, 4 June 2012

Festival Round Up

How about just a few shots that capture the essence of why I'm a festival fan? They say a picture says a thousand words and  certainly I need those illustrations to do the talking today as I've run out of literary steam.  All this fresh air is doing me good. I didn't wake until an unprecedented nine o' clock and that muggy headed exhaustion is still lingering - but in a nice way!

So first off - here's Lou making friends.  I'm thrilled that Elvis has finally cured his hound dog phobia. Here he is with Bella, one of his new canine chums.  Currently, whilst I'm posting he's hurtling around the field with a gaggle of other two and four legged beasties.

Of course I have to mention the music.  Red Mel and I spent a chilled out afternoon sitting in our camping chairs whilst crafting and supping cider.    Josie Ghost caught our attention, maybe because we were angst ridden tortured youngsters ourselves too once upon a time.  As I was heading back from a porta potty trip, I felt sorry that I couldn't linger to catch Head of Programmes who sounded right up my musical street.  But hey! I had child supervision responsibilities so I'll have to conduct a musical odyssey on Spotify later in the week.   And,  this cheeky looking Celtic chappie?  Well, he's the lead singer of Mad Dog Mcrea, one of our festival raison-d'etres.  Incredibly accomplished  Irish jiggery pokery  and clever, good humoured lyrics, this band are joy personified!

Excuse the fuzziness of this photographic record.  A nine year old's idea of sharp focus is about the same as some of the rather addled, but rather good natured, older party goers here. This is me,with Red Mel in the background, indulging in this year's hot new experience.  Flesh eating fish are old hat, we're too old for apple infused hubba bubba pipes so instead, for the price of a pint, we tried our first (and only) shots of life affirming oxygen infused with invigorating flavours to excite our nasal passages!

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  1. looks like a great time was had by all. :-)