Saturday, 23 June 2012

Guilty as Charged!

Now I felt a tinge of guilt the other day whilst writing my anti-scrimping post so I put it to the judge and he's agreed. I have been sentenced under the 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' laws for profligacy but there is a reduced sentence because of mitigating circumstances.  The reason?  It was all those batteries I buy, mainly it seems for the purpose of providing the va-va voom to those toys that require them.  Why oh why am I not using their rechargeable equivalent? Well the reason is understandable.  I've been refurnishing and equipping Lovelygrey Cottage almost from scratch.  Every so often I come across certain  items that were missing from my shopping list.   I went to make cheese scones and found that my essential store cupboard ingredients didn't include baking powder, there was not a spanner in sight when I needed one to assemble my workmate and the blocked up bath remained filled with water until I'd popped over to Trago Mills to buy that missing sink plunger.  My ramblings made me realise that I really need to bite the bullet yet again and buy a charger along with a pile of batteries that can be juiced up again.
So today to atone for my sins I've been given community service and charged with reflecting on the middle component in the Holy Trinity of Green.  What have I done well when it comes to reducing the consumption of those disposal household commodities and where can I do better?
  • Foil and Food Wrap:  I think I do rather well here. Although there is foil in my drawer it's rarely used. Instead there's reusable food containers for lunches and picnics and lidded baking utensils where items in the over need to be covered.
  • Razors:  Acknowledge my bravery for I use an epilator!   I dare those out there who wince at the thought of thousands of tiny little tweezers gripping stubbly leg hair to bite the bullet, or any other object that you have to hand to stop the screams, and try one.  Immunity to the pain develops over time,  I promise  However I've recently succombed to a disposable razor to trim what are the female equvalent of sideburns as my bevy of electric cutting/plucking tools don't cut the mustard and give me the defined cut that I'm after.  Maybe a old fashioned cut throat jobbie might do the trick in a non throwaway fashion.
  • Nappies:  No longer needed thank goodness but I remember those days.  I was nearly whiter than white and used fluffy towelling jobbies together with breathable wraps including a natty leopard print one that turned Lou into a baby Tarzan.  The nappy bucket scenario wasn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be.  Disposable nappies were only ever when we stayed away from home.
  • Cleaning Cloths:  Here's where I fall down.  Lots of disposable items that I buy fail the green test.  I've even bought some things that are like wet wipes but they're for the motorhome's surfaces and not a baby's bum.  J-cloths used in the kitchen do get relegated as they get more tatty and get a second lease of life on the floor or in the bathroom.
  • Barbecues:  The days of the one use BBQ is over for me.  My Cadac is just as convenient to carry
  • Cameras:  I confess to buying a disposable camera the other week for Louis to take on a school field trip.  The likelihood of having to replace a more expensive piece of multi-use equipment seemed alarmingly high given its expected exposure to water, rock and mud.
  • Coffee Pods:  Never, ever purchased these expensive items which produce totally unnecessary plastic waste.  What's wrong with a jar and a spoon?  Must do better and boycott their use in hotels too.
  • Lighters: If you must smoke you can't do better than  McGahey's in Exeter High Street.  It's a proper old fashioned tobacconist with the likes of loose tobacco, cigars and snuff.  Even as a non smoker I have to admit that it smells amazing in there.  But I won't be heading back.  My lovely windproof lighter will last a lifetime unlike it's tacky throwaway counterparts.
  • Cutlery and Crockery:  I'm guilty of using paper plates and the like when I'm entering a crowd and washing up seems like too much effort.....but it's once in a blue moon so I'm not going to get too het up about this.
  • Feminine Hygiene: Reusable pantliners and the like are available.  Just head to the website of Honour Your Flow  for products 'to make your monthly moontime comfortable and beautiful'.  I jest not.  But your worship, please don't make me go down this route as for me it's a step that's a little bit too far!

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