Sunday, 10 June 2012

In the Annexe

Mama and Papa Lovelygrey have been staying with me at Lovelygrey Cottage this week.   The rain has disinclined us to embark on a sightseeing frenzy so we've spent lots of time at home. My parents aren't really the types to sit around unproductively so there's bits of handiwork produced during their visit that I'll be showing off in later posts.

Now I willingly gave up my bed for my parents and as Louis has been staying at his dad's house I planned to sleep in his bunk bed.  It was a idea that filled me with a touch of excitement.  I'd always wanted a high level bed when I was younger.  Claudine Wakeman-Reynolds, if you ever read this, your one with its desk underneath totally rocked!  It seemed like an ideal opportunity to experience something I'd missed out on in my youth.  But after the first night I aborted thanks to the vagaries of the ageing bladder.  Nocturnal toilet trips down a narrow vertical ladder aren't a piece of cake for a forty seven year old with a dodgy knee.   Not only that, the oldies seemed to be making the same expedition on an hourly basis.  And then having a chat afterwards!

Nothing for it but to decamp.  Okay here I'm pretending to slumber as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to take the shot.  Hence the furrowed brow of concentration.  But during the night I've been out like a light and slept right through in my cosy,  toilet accessible bedroom on the driveway!

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  1. Those nocturnal visits to the bathroom sneak up on you. My grandparents had a 'po' under the bed. Disgusting, yes, but practical!