Friday, 1 June 2012

Jumping Jiving Jubilee!

Quick one this morning as I'm busy, busy, busy.  Okay, I'm in bed with my first cuppa blogging at the moment but will soon be off to dance the Jubilee weekend away in style.  My beloved Knaus motorhome is on a Fiat Ducaton chassis but that doesn't mean it's banned from attending the Plymouth Volksfest.  It just won't be paraded around the arena like its distant relatives, those supercool VW campers and all those Herbie lookalikes.

Just waiting for little'un to scooter over from Dad's house, print those tickets, pack food, clothes, books and needlepoint into the van and we'll hit the road!  If technology's on my side there'll be some updates over the weekend.  Ciao!

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