Thursday, 28 June 2012

Let the Budgeting Begin!

Gladstone's Budget Box
As a newly single mum on a limited but albeit reasonable, income I'm fully aware that I must keep a rein on spending those pounds and pennies.  It's been difficult whilst furnishing and equipping Lovelygrey Cottage. For a few months there's always seemed to be something else that I unexpectedly need  to buy.  Things that you just happen to be around in a well established home haven't been around when I've needed them.  As, for example,  I found the other day when I came to fill my dinky flip top Kilner bottles with homemade elderflower cordial.  Lo and behold! I didn't have a funnel to avoid making an unholy mess when pouring and had to get creative with a cut off milk carton.   With a few snips with a robust pair of scissors these also can be transformed in seconds into very effective female urinals.  So handy, I found a few years back now, when the water has been cut off by the plumber, you're pregnant and a ten ton baby is pressing down onto your bladder!

Thankfully, all those one off-ish purchases are now reducing to a trickle. Consequently  now is the time that it feels right to set myself a daily budget to meet costs of groceries, diesel, clothing, going out, treats and other odds and sods.  Depending on your perspective I've allowed myself the eye wateringly generous or penny pinching  sum of twenty pounds a day.

And my own take on the matter?  Well,  this amount seems right on the money.  Enough so I don't feel like I'm living on the poverty line but not so much that I can live profligately buying whatever takes my fancy.  What I'm hoping is that I'll be more mindful about what I spend and if it all works out perhaps there'll be enough over for another trip away and to be generous to someone, somewhere who needs a bit more financial support than I do.

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