Saturday, 16 June 2012

Love, Peace and Fluffy Bunnies

Photo:  Chuch of the Cosmic Bunny (Really!)
We've woken up in wild windy Weymouth this morning, slap bang next to the South West Coast Path at the lovely  Pebble Bank caravan park. Red Mel is reading her book, I'm blogging and Lou has  armed himself with fun snaps, his bike and water pistol and gone off to make friends.  Due to all my griping yesterday I promised you a post that exuded harmony.   And what symbolises those good vibes that I want to send out today more than a celestial  fluffy rabbit!

Hang on though.  We're off to Portland to suss out some sculptures made in its world famous stone today. And locals there, rather than regarding rabbits as soft cuddly spiritual beings, see them as bringers of bad luck.    This judgement seems a little harsh as it came about because of their habit of emerging in quarries just before rockfalls.  How self protectionism can lead to such a bad name I don't really know.  Anyway the proper grown up name for their breed cannot be uttered on the isle and even writing it is frowned upon. Synonyms though are acceptable. A special 'Curse of the Were-Bunny' advertising poster had to be produced for a hoarding there when the Wallace and Gromit film came out.

So love, peace and fluffy bunnies to you all.  And I'll try not to spoil things by uttering the R-word at any time today!

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  1. What's the point of having a blog if you can't use it for a little rant now and again - especially when it's justified?However, good on you for redressing the balance.