Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lovelygrey: A Rules are to be Broken Kind of Girl

I dimly recall disclosing a self-made  rule that I'm supposed to be  abiding by,  deemed necessary because completing projects is not my forte.  There's normally millions of things on the go at any given time and that's only a slight exaggeration   What happens is that I start to feel guilty about what hasn't been done and dusted and boom!  A nice little leisure activity that's supposed to provide relaxation becomes a stressor in its own right.

So the plan is that there's a veto on experimenting with any untried, untested crafts at home.  If I want to sign onto a workshop and have a go at something where all tools and materials are provided that's fine.  But I've barred myself from expanding my creative repertoire at home.   Drawn as I am to them, machine embroidery, screen printing and making anything involving glass are completely out of the question  in the domestic environment - for the time being  at least.  I'm also not allowed, on pain of death, to buy any new materials or tools unless they're absolutely needed to finish something that's already been started.  Up until now I've been doing very well and pretty much gone cold turkey on beads, mosaic tiles and bits of wire. I'm afraid though that the rulebook has now had a page or two ripped from it because of an opportunity that was too good to miss.

Even though there are four unfinished needlepoint cushions around the house, which at my current work rate will take me about eight years to finish, I succumbed to buying another.  My excuse for this flagrant law breaking?  Well, I'm a sucker for marine themes and this unworked canvas together with wool was a measly  £1.99 in a charity shop.  Valerie Green isn't a designer I'm familiar with but another of her kits has just sold for  £37.89 on Ebay. Now I reckon that this  must go a little way to mitigating my crime against myself!

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