Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ones I Made Earlier: Lizard Mosaic

Settling into Lovelygrey Cottage has been a long old process but it feels like I'm nearly there now.  The house move and its aftermath inevitably meant that there was a wealth of things that had to be done over and above life's everyday chores.  It left little time for some of the things that I really want to make part and parcel of my new life - making stuff, exercise, reading, selling stuff and a bit more writing to name a few.  I'm hoping that will all change before the summer's out.

Consequently, today I'm trawling back to the dim distant past for inspiration for today's offering.  In my early days of blogging when Mama, Papa and Nana Lovelygrey were my only devoted readers,  I wrote a mini-series of posts, showing some of my past  craft projects.  For those interested in seeing what you might have missed from way back in 2010,  I've added  a 'Ones I Made Earlier' heading to the labels in the sidebar on the right.  Looking back myself it's been  interesting to reflect on how my writing style has developed over the last two years or so.  I'll leave it up to you to decide whether it's for the better!

And here we have it.  My first ever mosaic which was made at a workshop run by the talented artist  Elaine Goodwin, a local Exeter girl who has written books, had numerous exhibitions and was commissioned to make a permanent piece displayed underfoot in the  Meditteranean Zone of the Eden Project. Along with my fellow course participants, I worked in the middle of a gallery during a special exhibition, with the public milling around us.  It were as if we were an art installation in our own right!

This piece isn't perfect - note the uneven width of the tail, for example and there's a lot that I'd change if I were doing the piece again today  - less blocks of monochrome colour and a softer lizardy outline perhaps.  But I learned stacks from making him and Elaine's expert tuition gave me the confidence to go on and produce more accomplished works on my own.  As such I'm pleased with this little bit of my creative history and have just bought the widgets for fixing him to the wall so that he  has pride of place in my conservatory.

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