Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Perking up Pallets

Meanqueen showed me hers the other day  and so I thought I'd show her, and everyone, else out there mine!  In case anyone is getting worried by where this 'Carry On'-esque talk might be leading, let me reassure you.   Today's theme is upcycled pallets.  Follow the link and pop across to Meanqueen's blog where you'll see how she's transformed a dingy spot in her garden into an inviting decked area.

It's time to 'fess up now.  Due to lack of time lately what with moving and all that,  I didn't make my extraordinarily fashionable coffee table myself.  Instead I bought it off Ebay for eighty pounds once delivery charges had been taken into account.  This may strike you as a) very reasonable for good, solid piece of furniture or b) as the bloke who delivered it thought, an absolutely bonkers amount of money for what is really just a piece of old junk - with wheels!  But given that you can pay up to £999 for a similar item albeit that's had a bit more sanding done to it and is more minimalist (no wheels!) I think it was a bit of a bargain. Yes, you heard me right.  Go to the and type in 'pallet table' in the search box if you don't believe me.

Anyway, I didn't dress my photo shoot so that my table looked all glam and interior design-y.  I wanted to show that this piece quite well into a normal  family living room complete with Lego and normal accoutrements of everyday life.  And if this post, or Meanqueen's for that matter, has inspired you to consider the humble pallet in a different way, prepare yourself for being overwhelmed by the resourcefulness of others.  Go and take a look at the amazing selection of those that have been given a new leash of life on .

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  1. How much! Choke, cough, splutter. I've got four wheels like that in my shed. I'll keep a look out for a clean pallet. Thanks for the tip.