Monday, 25 June 2012

A Rest is As Good As A Change

It's been one of those rare summer weekends when there was nothing at all planned. No festivals, fetes, trips away, kid's activities, meals with nada, rien, not a sausage.  Times like this are as rare as rocking horse droppings  between May and September but they're very welcome.  Lately my energy levels have been ebbing - not sure why.  Most likely, it's due to the menopause which looks like it has kicked in after all my health shenanigans last year.  Anyway a couple of days without commitments has made me feel a bit perkier.  Let's hope that lasts into the week. Looking back I'm amazed at what I've got done between the lie-ins and daytime snoozes.  You may have noticed I got round to giving my blog a bit of freshen up but that's not all.  

  • That big pile of ironing is the bedroom has magically disappeared
  • Whilst de-creasing clothes I discovered 'The House the '50s built on Channel 4od
  • My googlebox watching didn't end there. I had a cinematic evening to myself with 'The Iron Lady'.
  • I finally got round to getting my passport photos taken....
  • ....and getting the tyres changed on my unloved car.
  • I've had a bounce on Louis' trampoline with a view to developing my hamstrings so that they can compensate for my snapped cruciate ligament.  Much more fun than the boring physiotherapy exercises!
  • Lou and I borrowed Elvis and he took us for a walk.
  • I've hung some nudie pictures in my dining room(!)
  • Small inroads have been made into my slowly progressing needlepoint cushion and table and chair revamp.
  • I've car booted, charity shopped and coveted crafts which I'll show you later in the week.
...and I'm sure there's more.  The weekend finally ended with steeping foraged elderflowers overnight so that I can make cordial before I go back to work for a well earned rest!

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