Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Three Cheers for the World Wide Web!

Now I reckon most of my audience would agree that the Internet has been an absolute blessing in terms of having access to instant information.  I recall with despair those evermore dim and distant school days where I often turned to the local library in vain for just the right facts to complete homework to hand in the next day.  Louis will never struggle with finding out about irrigation systems through the ages  armed with just a pile of out of date geography books and the Encyclopedia Britannica like I once did.

Anyway I thought I'd share with you just a few of the things that I've discovered over the last week or so that turned out to be merely a few finger taps away!

  • Uranium Glass:  That dinky little green glass art deco dressing table set that I picked up for a song at Saturday's car boot sale may have radioactive material incorporated into it.  If it does it'll glow in a spooky way under ultra-violet light and make a Gieger counter click furiously.  I just need access to the right scientific kit to test this out!
  • The Best Carpet Cleaner on the Market:  Why do they put cream carpets in rented accommodation that's going to be used by families?  My vacuum cleaner and spot remover just isn't cutting the mustard so I need a steam cleaner in order to keep my deposit intact.  The Bissell Aroma Pro looked like a pretty good best and hey presto! I've picked one up on Ebay for a third of the new retail price.
  • How to Repair a Zip with a Broken Tooth:  I'll show you why this accident prone mare needs instructions for mending a new acquisition in a few days or so.   Oops!
  • How to Cook Gluten Free Bread from a Dove  Mix in my Panasonic Breadmaker:  The recipe on the packet contains a heck of a lot of eggs and milk whereas the ones in the instruction manual used other brands.  The result? A 'loaf' in the loosest sense of the word,  slightly undercooked and resembling a meringue.  Mama Lovelygrey, who has coeliac disease  found it tasty but it wasn't any good for making a sandwich.  Maybe next time if I follow the instructions in this link, I get something a little more artisanal.
  • Can the Red Arrows Fly in High Winds?  They did at the Dawlish Air Show whilst we froze our nadders off in those blustery conditions!
  • Risk Assessment of Bouncy Castles:  Muggins here has volunteered to risk assess the school fete.  Some bright spark a few years back decided that this was not going to be a low key event with a cake stall and a few games but a full scale country fayre.  My tasks was causing me nightmares and that was before I found out about 'Chain Saw Man', the dare devil motorcycle display team and an archery range with arrows that head out towards the carriageway of the A38.
  • Head of Programmes:  I urge you to follow the link and listen to this music described as 'Like Joy Division playing Country & Western'.  It's mesmorising.
  • Sandworld:  There's a weekend motorhome trip to Weymouth coming up. Could this shrine to sandcastles and more fantastical creations provide hours of family entertainment or be the ten minute wonder that it's visitor's page suggests is a possibility?
  • Uses of Citric Acid:  This ingredient for my elderflower cordial was eluded me this year.  The lady in Holland and Barratt told me that they didn't sell it anymore as it was being nicked by drug addicts.   A very helpful man on the healthfood stall in Newton Abbot market confirmed this but he also cited its many other uses - making sweets,  bath bombs, explosives and the like.  Finally, I tracked down my preservative in the excellent wine and beermaking outlet, Milltop which trades from the market too.
  • What exactly is a Degu?:  Louis fell in love with these creatures that he saw in a local pet shop visit that was way cheaper than a trip to the zoo!  They were an entirely new one on me but now I know that they're a gregarious Chilean relative of guinea pigs and chinchillas.  And no, Lou's not having any.  That 'no pets' clause in the letting agreement has turned out to be jolly useful!


  1. I was about to make myself feel useful telling you to try a home brewing place for the citric acid, but I see you managed to discover that already! Good luck with the elderflower cordial - we made some at the weekend and it's delicious! I do not envy you the risk assessment task...

  2. Yes the WWW is brilliant, don't know how I ever managed without it. A whole library in my own house.