Monday, 11 June 2012

When the Scrimping has to Stop!

Now I like to save a few bob as much as the next man or woman.  Some things though are worth paying a bit extra for even when there's a cheaper alternative.  Marmite is a case in point.  Sure there are  other yeast extract spreads  and own label supermarket brands for cost around the £1.90 mark for 250g as opposed to the £2.50 you'll pay for this champion of lush savouriness.  To my mind though that extra sixty pence is worth every penny.

Here is my eclectic list of some other purchases where I'm happy to stretch those purse strings a little.  After all inferior products that I'm not happy with don't represent such good value after all.

  • Batteries:  Maybe the day will soon come when everything will be solar powered  as having gadgets that are powered by these  expensive electricity generating cells are so irritating.  But it's even more annoying when they have to be replaced every five minutes. Now, I just bite the bullet and cough up for long lasting brands.
  • Knives:  Meat-free cooking in my student days was such a bind.  Chopping vegetables with a blade that was about as sharp as a ruler was a joyless task.  Then I discovered proper knives with a weighty well balanced feel that  could be sharpened with a steel made the job a breeze.  
  • Mattresses:  You can go really cheap here but why would you want to sacrifice a good night's sleep for the next few years?   
  • Flights:  Now I'm sure that if I flew Club Class I'd never want to grace Economy  ever again so woe betide my bank balance if I ever get upgraded!  But those bargain night-time charter flights are now a no go zone for me.  Why ruin a good holiday with sleepless nights at the beginning and the end? 
  • Ferries:  You'll be getting the gist now that kipping is important to me.  Hence no more skimping by booking a reclining seat on night sailings. They don't tip back enough, the lounge smells sweaty and is full of people who snore even louder than me.  Some feat!  No it has to be a cabin these days.
  • Tissues: Nothing is worse than sneezing and finding that your hankerchief isn't substantial enough.  I don't need to elaborate here.
  • Meat:  Slash bills by buying cheaper good quality cuts.  Trawl the reduced sections for these in the supermarkets, like I do, by all means. But don't compromise so much that considerations about animal welfare and intensive processing go right out of the window.
  • Shoes:  I'm a fuss pot when it comes to these but not in a Louboutin/Jimmy Choo kind of way.  They have to be comfortable and last.  For those qualities I'm prepared to fork out a little more.
  • Iron:  Never will I go back to using one after investing in a far superior model with a ceramic non stick base and a decent steam function that cost ten times as much.   A value iron feels like a brick in comparison.

There you have it.  Watch out for a companion post in the next few days.  After all I feel that there is a need to show where the scrimping has to start to cover the additional expense of my economic foibles!


  1. I 'love' Marmite ! but the extra 60pence or so means a lot to me so I have 'own brand' and quite frankly, can't tell the difference. It's full of 'B' vitamins which is important to a veggie.
    Also tissues ? I use cheap toilet roll ! after all it all gets flushed down the loo doesn't it ?

  2. Totally agree re the batteries, I love a good old shopping session in Lidls - there are some bargains to be found there. I had their batteries and will NOT be having them again. Still, if you don't give things a try, you might be missing out on a good deal....

  3. I must be the only person never to have eaten marmite and me a veggie, too.
    I was once lucky enough to go Club Class on a lond haul flight. The difference made me understand why people would pay for it, if they can afford it. I didn't pay for the upgrade and have only travelled cattle class since :-(