Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Stitch Here, A Rub Voila!

There been an absence of posts about things I've made recently which must mean that my creative juices have stopped flowing?  Not so.  In the frenzy that has been my life over the last few months I've had little time to sit down for a few hours at a time and go with the flow but I have had three projects on the go which I can work on, even if I've only a few minutes spare.  And one's come to fruition now.

When there's been breaks in the weather, I've been lugging bits of my half restored table and chair set outside and giving them a little rub.  And I've made decent progress with my 'boring' Anchor flowery needlepoint that's more than half completed now, thanks to some frenzied flurries of activity at festivals.  The last three weeks of so has seen me working away at this meditation mat so now I've got no excuse for not breaking into a bit of formal mindfulness practice now and then.

What I found in a charity shop rummage was just the job.  Two oversized, slightly padded pillow cases with pretty embroidery and a velvety trim.  They're more like cot duvets than the traditional article and were secure for the bargain price of £1.99.  Goodness knows where you'd get the oversized pillows to put into them.  Perhaps why that's why they were given away. Because I like my meditation sessions to be comfy, not sitting up on top of a pole dressed in a loin cloth, I looked around for more stuffing.  I'd noticed that, in my loft, there was a lot of old fabric acting as make do insulation.  A good rummage yield a perfect velvet curtain in a nasty colour.  You wouldn't think you could get a horrible green but believe me, you can!  So it's been folded up and sewn into the pocket that I'd made out of the two pillowcases to protect zee old knees.  And there you have it., a zabuton, at a fraction of the price from trendy yoga outlets.   Look out for some meaningful insights or otherwise once I've started using it!

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