Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bastard Child of the Chimichanga

Today I feel a cookery lesson for you lot out there coming on.  A swathe of my meals at the moment are paying homage to the Chimichanga, that well known deep fried tortilla wrap.  'Ye gods!' some of you should quite rightfully be saying.  'You're supposed to be watching what you eat, Lovelygrey, so how does cooking something in a vat of oil come into it?'   Let me reassure you right now.  My version wouldn't cause Rosemary Conley, the doyenne of the low-fat diet,  to have the complete heebie jeebies although Mexicans  might winge a bit.  I'm not sure they'd recognise the dish that I'm claiming to recreate as one of their own.  The only thing mine has in common is probably the tortilla wrap and they'd probably even take umbrage at those.  Mine come from Lidl and cost about 67p for six and were lovingly produced in one of those covetable presses.

Anyway let's give going after washing hands, putting on apron and whatever else you need to do from a hygiene perspective.  Look in the fridge and think about what needs using up that might make a nice hot filling.  Chop it up if necessary and shallow fry to soften in the pan.

Here I used butternut  red onion and cubes of potato.  I added a bit of vintage cheddar at the last moment.

This one looks like the fillings made out of onion, peas, pepper chorizo and potato (again!)

Leek, mushroom, bacon and egg.  This was particularly bloody lovely!  There's been other variants with a breakfasty theme and my imagination's going wild with possibilities for future creations. Caramelised apple maybe?  Anyway....

Once's the filling's cooked shove it all onto the middle of a tortilla, make a square parcel by folding up the edges and pop the creation back into the pan you've just used.

Fry on both sides until your creation is this toasty brown colour!

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