Thursday, 26 July 2012

By Jiminy!

As part of the policy of being nice to myself during this time of transition, my tiny vintage jewellery business has been   put on hold.  However I've  just completed my tax return and, fingers crossed, will receive a repayment in respect of my first year's losses shortly.  I was expecting these results because of the costs of setting up and the initial process of trying out different ways of buying and selling.  Now I think I have a formula that will produce profits in the next year and beyond when I start up again in earnest in September to tempt those early Christmas shoppers.
This little chap is my first purchase of stock this year.   I think he's made of pewter.   Now I love the fact that there's a story attached to old stuff that may never reveal itself.  The markings on the back of this brooch have given me just a glimpse of his story.   I haven't found out who A.E. Forgione but have discovered that Faneuil Hall is in Boston and the self same grasshopper is to be found on a weather vane on its roof, albeit a bigger gilded version. Who knows whether this little souvenir came directly across the Atlantic and has been in a drawer for forty years or has done a world tour over the decades before arriving at Lovelygrey Cottage.

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  1. I too am fascinated. Perhaps here is another clue...the weather vane was stolen in 1974 (later to be recovered) Perhaps that is one of the reasons for the '74 date on the pin?