Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Co-op Totnes'

This morning, I find myself concurring with fellow blogger, Cro Magnon who has grumbled in a decidedly manly fashion about the inaccuracy of weather forecasts of late.  They really are a travesty and making it very difficult to plan.  We really need some alternative way of trying to fathom out whether it's going to be sunny, rainy or indeed snowy - nothing would surprise me in this damp and dreary July.  Perhaps a lying or standing weather cow on every corner, might give us better insight.

Anyway a day of sunshine has been forecast but looking  west it seems that we're in for anything but. The sky is a bruised colour and it's blowing a hoolie.  In spite of this, the ever optimistic Lovelygrey has hung a shedload of washing out to dry.   Let's hope that gleeful rain gods don't interpret this as an offering!

After a good soaking whilst crossing the car park at work on Friday, I was warming myself with a nice cuppa and looked out of the window.  The torrential rain had turned my view into an impressionistic dreamscape.  Don't you agree that this image, that's turned the very functional Co-op building into something rather more beautiful, might have done Monet proud?

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