Saturday, 7 July 2012

Days Out in Devon: Liverton Country Fayre is Still On!

According to the Met Office Vaillance's paddy  field (TQ12 6JB) where our Country Fayre is being held is at the epicentre of sogginess, slap bang in the middle of an area covered by a red alert for rain. Obviously the Cosmic Being was listening to something on his ipod with his ear plugs firmly stuck in his lugholes when I put in my request for a bit of sunshine.  If you've ever wondered why Devon is so green and lush it's because we get a heck of a lot of precipitation, sometimes, like yesterday, bucketfuls at a  time.

But the show will go on!   We are British, a proud nation who won't let a little bit of damp get in the way of having a good time where beer, cakes and a barbie are involved.  After a couple of fortifying cuppas I'll don my wellies and waterproofs and be off to finish the set up.  My inner Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is fully expecting the hoards to come running through the gates at midday.  After all, a bit of mud doesn't put off the revellers at Glastonbury!


  1. Good to see the indomitable British stiff upper lip is alive and well down in Devon. Good luck - I'm sure people will be determined to sally forth and show that you might be able to dampen us, but you can never defeat us!

  2. Yay! it's still on with all events intact. We've moved into Blackpool School as the field is now a lake! :@) Still smiling