Thursday, 5 July 2012

Furthering Foraging

Six litres of elderflower cordial are now safely ensconced in my store cupboard. I've abandoned making the delicious champagne this year as my previous efforts have been explosive - literally.   In spite of risking life and limb and gingerly releasing the built up gas from the recycled fizzy drink  bottles on a  regular basis they still exploded spraying a sticky mess all over the garage. With all my general hustle and bustle I've little time for housework so Lovelygrey cottage is untidy enough at the moment without that as well.

Unless you're really keen, I don't think foraging is going to make great inroads into decreasing your overall food budget.  For a foodie though, including those wild ingredients into your cooking and drinks making repertoire can result in some real treats.  You've missed out this year for yummy wild garlic risotto.  Nettles too are past their best but just around the corner sloes, rosehips, blackberries, whortleberries and mushrooms will make rich pickings.

Here's a new one I discovered at the weekend on a Ranger Ralph event that I'll be reporting from soon.  After experiencing mild alarm when I found Louis eating leaves alongside a tub of free Pringles that came with all those freebies scavenged at the National Forces Day event, I discovered that the sorrel, pointed out to him as edible, by another small boy was pretty safe after all. However,  it comes with a Lovelygrey disclaimer.  Like the comfrey I wrote about a few weeks back,  it's reputed to be poisonous in large quantities.   But, no harm came to Louis so I think it's worth taking a chance.  It's so much nicer than anything found in a salad bag and allegedly cooked like spinach or pureed into a soup too.  I'll be looking out for it from now on to pep up my culinary experiments.  And to inspire you all to go out collecting here's some ideas from Hugh!


  1. House Work Smoush work! Yadda Yadda

    I am a domestic slattern and proud. I have a life! Plenty time for your house to be tidy when you are not in a position to be able to untidy it!

    Mmmm tasty foraging!!!

  2. Great post. I thought it was still to early for foraging, so I'm glad to hear that there are some things available now. I'll be out collecting this weekend. Thanks.