Wednesday, 18 July 2012

If You Go Down to the Wood Cafe.....

Right! Here's a post for those Devon bound holidaymakers who are going to arrive in droves in the next week if the Gulf Stream moves back to its proper place as we've been promised.  Some of them will undoubtedly be lured to the shopping mecca on my doorstep that is Trago Mills.  More than a few might wonder why they've visited somewhere that's none too relaxing during high days and holidays. As a regular and canny visitor I pick my moments when I scurry over for a range of diverse bits and pieces that might include say, toothpaste, Fimo, wetsuits and picture hooks. But as I've said before, I wouldn't travel miles for the pleasure of a visit.

There are eateries on site and the ice cream parlour opposite the trampolines comes with a personal commendation.  Great big servings of lush stuff from the Devon Ice Cream Company at very reasonable prices.  But if you're yearning for somewhere away from the masses let me give you a better idea.

At the back of the car park nearest the Animal Park there's a gate for pedestrians.  Go out and whoosh!  You're immediately whisked away from the hustle and bustle of a leisure park/discount shopping centre combo into proper Devonian countryside.  Take a five-ten minute stroll down the ultra-quiet lane until you come upon the Yurt Camp.  Until recently its woodland home was the preserve of glamping holidaymakers 'roughing it' under canvas.  Recently though, to the glee of the mummies at the school, yummy and otherwise,  the Wood Cafe has opened its door to the wider public.  There you can rest awhile taking in the tranquil surroundings whilst the kids scamper around in the adventure playground or the play barn.  Just check  on the website before you pop in for a meal or a coffee at weekends as the cafe becomes a no-go area if some green minded couple are tying the knot in the matrimonial teepee!

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