Saturday, 21 July 2012

In a Field Without Wellies!

This is where I've woken up this morning and it's proof indeed that the early bird doesn't always catchy catchy the big fat worm.  Red Mel, Louis and I arrived at Chagstock 2012  a bit later than most of the other punters and the camper van field was full, stuffed to the gunnalls as we found out later on our trek to the festival field.  So we're in here with a handful of other vans and tents where the ratio of chemical loos to parties is about 1:5.  Let's hope it stays that way!
One of the reasons why our departure was tardy was that we had to wait for tea to cook before leaving.  Five minute prep which involved rolling out a puff pastry sheet, smearing it with tomato puree and adding a combo of sliced cherry and big tommies, a handful of chopped chorizo and crumbling over half a pack of feta resulted in this little beauty after it was cooked for 25 minutes at 200 degrees.  Tempting though those food stalls are in the main arena, succumbing at every meal would definitely put a strain on the purse strings.
So adorned in my much admired festival poncho  we set off for some revelling.  Get this! We were in a field during the most dismal British summer in living memory and there was no need for our rain garb! Red Mel and I chilled out with a pint to a backdrop of music.  Whilst Lou?  Well  I retain parental responsibility of course but there's no need here for him to be right at my side all the time.  After agreeing a half hourly 'checking in' plan   he ran around a field with a gang of newly acquired friends playing in the type of old fashioned way that his grandparents approve of.  Not an electronic device in sight!

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  1. Result on the near empty field and loo front! Have fun!