Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Loving the Sunshine But Not So Keen on the Heat

I'm can't be the only one out there who's been yearning for weeks and weeks for the rain to stop.  And now it has, I've turned into a right royal Moaning Minnie.  Others plagued by hayfever will know exactly what I mean.  Breathing difficulties, sneezing, itchy and streaming eyes and skin irritation have taken the edge off those balmy summer days since childhood.  I remember hiding behind coats in the school cloakroom at lunchtimes  to escape being turfed out onto pollen filled playing fields by dour faced 1970s schoolteachers who were oblivious to the fact that I could no longer open my eyes.

But that's not all now.  During my health shenanigans last year an ovary was rescued in the hope that it would stop me going through an early menopause. Nice try but it hasn't worked.  Those hot flushes that were bearable in cooler conditions have been ramping up to nuisance proportions as the temperature climbs.  No, I haven't just had a shower.  I'm just sweating like a great big pig!

It would be lovely to share the larger population's joy when we have a heatwave but I'm not feeling the love.  Perhaps it explains why many of my dream travel destinations are in colder climes. Does anyone else fancy a trip to  Alaska, Antarctica, those outlying islands of Scotland or Harbin Ice City in the next day or two?  The logistics of employment and financial constraints mean that I can't scurry off at whim to somewhere where a nice cosy  fleece is needed.  So please excuse me if I sometimes hole myself up indoors while you lot are enjoying those solar rays.  It may seem like I'm being a misery guts but whilst that pollen count is higher than my trusty Beconase and Optrivine can cope with,  it's sometimes the only solution.


  1. Much sympathy -- I'm with you on this.

  2. My mum used to suffer terribly from hot flushes, but thankfully it didn't happen to me. I still don't like this very hot sun though, my house is lovely and cool, so I keep popping in and out. Hope you are not suffering too much.