Friday, 6 July 2012

Not a Thing to Wear!

The idea for this post came to me whilst driving around yesterday and I relished the thought of finding a picture to head it up.  My!  What an epic journey around cyberspace I've been on in my search.  Finally I've settled on this rather tame image from Wiki depicting a US Marines' recruiting office in 1941.  Now I've had some odd requests at job interviews in my time but being  asked to go through the process butt naked really would take the biscuit.

The reason I'm relatively clothes-less at the moment is that nothing fits thanks to my monumental weight gain over the last year.  Thankfully there's a few garments that are sufficiently roomy to cover my lardy frame.   Debulking is now in progress but what to do in the meantime?  Do I blow the budget and instead of having a weekend away buy some things that will fit in the interim to make me feel good whilst those pounds are shed.?   Or, as I'm inclined to do, shall I just stick it out for the short term and wear those few items in my wardrobe that are more generously sized and comfy?


  1. or you could go an interim way and buy few things cheaply on ebay -they have a good range of bigger sizes

  2. I fear the interviewer would run screaming from the building if I had to show up naked!

    I like the idea of finding a few more pieces on the cheap for your wardrobe...I need some new scrubs for work but am mending the old ones to make do while I work off some pounds too...

  3. a few wrap skirts and/or wrap dresses with affordable t-shirts and you are decked out for the season and as the weight drops, they will continue to fit.

  4. Car boot sales are pretty good for cheap clothes.