Friday, 13 July 2012

Now That's Pants!

A recently out, yet unflamboyant,  friend ended up in a  Bristol gay bar on underwear night recently. I've since been told that there used to be a similar event in Peckham!      A big round of applause for anyone else who comes up with names of towns that would also be appropriate to host this type of event.  Half the blokes  remained clothed whilst  others, who were more game, whipped their trousers off and then stood around drinking  pints in their pants.  Needless to say my mate , who has a healthy sense of the ridiculous declined to join in. 'I laughed,' he told me. 'And got told off!.

The idea tickled me  but the more I've thought about it, the more I've realised that this particular theme night should remain the remit of the gay community.  Aside from one lone bloke wearing a leather thong and chaps with a spotty bum  - 'Not a good look!' pronounced my friend - most had made an effort and and had honed bodies and chosen their pristine garments with care.  It just couldn't work in heartily heterosexual environments like our village pub or  working men's clubs as this picture so aptly demonstrates!


  1. That really is the scariest thing I've seen in ages! It looks like a waxwork model. There's a way to be immortalised! I am now going to shudder my way away from the computer and pour myself a stiff drink to help me recover.
    Did someone say it's only 10.30am?

  2. There are some things best kept covered up. Fancy waking up to that every morning, yuk yuk yuk.