Monday, 23 July 2012

Noxious Niffs

Please do not be alarmed! I have not become a cocaine smuggler.  The white powdery substance in my shoes is merely good old fashioned baking powder.  I'm assured by a myriad of sources on the World Wide Web that an overnight treatment will rid my Croc's Specialist clogs, with an uncharacteristic built in lining, of the highly offensive odour that they acquired after getting a myriad of soakings during the inclement 2012 summer weather.  Mr Metrosexual has not held back in his grumbling about the smell emanating from under our shared workspace and I was getting a little concerned that the all-pervading whiff of feet in the hall at Lovelygrey Cottage wasn't quite creating the homely atmosphere that I desire.

I'd also been a little concerned about the noxious niff in my motorhome that was refusing to go away in spite of  thorough airing and cleaning.  My first thoughts were that decaying smell was originating either from the loo or the grey water system.  Then I started to worry about a phrase that instills fear in the heart of motorhomers the world over, water ingress.  Maybe my van had sprung a leak and it would cost a four figure sum to rectify the problem - again!

Happily though I've found the culprit.  Two months ago an ingredient was  taken on holiday, with the idea that it would be converted into a wonderful homemade coleslaw.  But no! Instead it lay hiding in a washing up bowl in one of the underseat storage areas.  There it quietly  festered away and turned into a sludgy pulp emitting an oh so familiar  smell, the name of which was eluding me.  Yep, it was rotting cabbage!  Now the offending article has been removed my van is sweet smelling again - without the need for the drastic chemical blitz or maintenance check that had been planned!

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  1. Your home remedy reminded me of many years ago when my Dad made me a mustard treatment to soothe my poor tired feet after a long day at work. Yes I did say mustard! What were we thinking?