Tuesday, 3 July 2012

One for Sorrow?

I wrote a reply to a question in the money section of the Guardian the other day from a married woman who was at a loose end when her husband's hobbies took him away at weekend but had money to throw at the problem.  Whoopee!  The world, as far as I'm concerned, is her oyster and a big fat, juicy one with a pearl in it at that!

Why was she asking the question in the first place?  Well, I can only assume that she's reluctant to get out there and do things without the moral support of a friend or spouse.  I used to be like that but my message today for anyone in the same boat is simple.  Don't be scared!  Feel that fear and laugh in its face to be rewarded with  a wealth of exciting, worthwhile things to do.  You'll meet lovely like minded people to boot and wonder why you didn't adopt this attitude much earlier in your lifetime.

So what have I done where I've embarked out on my tod?  Where do I start?  I've walked and cycled in the wild Devon countryside, meditated on a retreat, made jewellery, learnt to kayak and ventured over to France for an Open University residential course.  And I'm also up for heading off for those traditional nuclear family pursuits, just with a nine year boy old in tow.  That's even when I'm fairly certain that I might be the only lone parent around.  As I was when skiing in February half term and chilling out at Chagstock last year.  As long as you're not hitting on other people's spouses or expecting to make instant best friends and sticking to others like a particularly resilient leech,  I'm 99.9% sure that you'll get plenty of worthwhile human contact.  And you'l also  have the luxury of a bit of that valuable 'me time' stuff to read, write and sew whilst the young 'uns are off playing with the new friends that they've made too.

Please don't let being on your own be a barrier to getting out there and living life to its full potential.  I know, only too well how scary it is to do something out of your current comfort zone.  But, I urge you to take that leap into the unknown.  I think you'll be glad that you did!


  1. Totally agree with this. I've had a dabble at being a couple but it never worked out, singledom is the bestest ever. Get yourself out there and mingle.

  2. Hello!
    Just had to leave a comment here, as so flipping well inspirational and so true!!
    What great advice you gave...
    Life is for loving is my moto!
    I was drawn to your post firstly by the magpie!
    But have enjoyed my stay here...
    Have a week full of kindness!
    Maria x