Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Oops! Overenthusiastic Advertising for Liverton Country Fayre

What with my non uniformed helper role at Cub and positions on both the Scout group and PTA committees, I feel a bit volunteered out at the moment.  It's because the school fete is upon us and cannot rest for one second of my waking hours.  Now I'm not going all drama queen about this for no reason. A few years ago, rather than sticking to the tried and tested formula of a couple of trestle tables and a hoopla in the school playground, some bright spark decided to make our summer fundraiser into an all-village spectacular complete with vintage rally, show arena, craft fair, bar, bands and all sorts of other attractions that are bound to give whoever was  in charge of drawing up a risk assessment an almighty headache.  Guess who the person with the oversized pack of Neurofen is?  Yep! it's me.

In amongst worrying about what possible harm could come from including a chainsaw sculptor, the motorcycle display team and a climbing tower on the thrills and spills repetoire, our entire 'gang'  were given the job of littering the neighbouring towns and villages with our publicity posters and we took to the task with gusto!  I reckon that subconsciously we're trying to give Uncle Tom Cobley's lot at Widecombe up the road a run for their money.  Anyway, all our advertising ventures have now gone totally pear shaped.  Devon County Council announced a crackdown on unauthorised signage which was publicised in the press about a week ago.  Hey presto! there's a bloke from County Hall who's been on our case and expressed extreme crossness.   So now the committee are busy scurrying about removing the fruits of our enthusiastic endeavours.   Let's hope lots of people saw our 'pretty billboards', or 'eyesores' dependent on viewpoint. before they had to be taken down.

Anyway, according to the bylaws, the ones around the village have been allowed to remain.  Here's Elvis showing interest in both the dog show and the agility events.  After all he's handsome with a fantastic jump, a very waggy tail and a great big canine toothy grin so he's bound to be a winner in some class or other.  If anyone out there wants to come along and share his success you're all very welcome.  Just watch out too for a grey haired maniac frantically ticking boxes and checking everything's shipshape and watertight!

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  1. What a lot of miserable toe rags. That billboard is lovely, very countrysideish, an attractive decoration. Could you knock on a few doors of houses that are in a prominent position, and explain your plight. Ask if they would very kindly put one in their front garden, or even window, for a few days. Can't be a law against displaying something on private property, can there?