Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Spend-free Swimming!

Picture: Harry Riley from Science Museum Online Collection
Don't you just love these railway posters from the good old days when men were men, children got a sound thrashing for speaking and there was no central heating to warm the tootsies or the cockles of the soul?  This glorious work depicts Tinside Lido in a far more aesthetically pleasing way than I could  ever have achieved with my camera when Louis spied it during the Armed Forces Day National Event a few weeks back.  'Can we go there?' he asked.  And rather than give him a clip round the ear'ole for being heard and not seen I turned round and smiled in what I hoped was a benevolent way, rather than being obsequious and creepy .  'Sure' I replied.

For I like to think that I am a kind person ninety nine percent of the time.  Although I'll sometimes admit my mean and nasty persona pops out - like when I  unfairly divvy up those last remaining dregs in a wine bottle or I see a bargain that someone else is after in a charity shop.  At times like these the devil incarnate emerges with gusto.

What I didn't realise when I agreed to my son's request was that I could get him a free swim.  I've discovered that British Gas are offering every household a free swim in pools nationwide and this wonderful  Art Deco lido, once neglected but now restored to its former glory, is part of the scheme.  You have to book a session and  act pretty quickly as the offer ends before 30th August.  But other than that there doesn't seem to be a catch.  Of course, I'll stand correct if anyone can find one!


  1. Jolly good - Will repost this on Facebook. Nothing near enough to me to make it worthwhile as the offspring gets in free to the local pool as she takes lessons there anyway. So only one person to pay for.

    I will share the freebise however!


  2. What a lovely place to go for a swim. I love the Art Deco lidos. Our local one (Aldershot) is from that era, but you'd scarcely know it as it has huge, multi-coloured plastic water shutes and so forth, ruining its vintage charm! It was used in the 1948 Olympics but not this time round. Shame - I think even I could strive for a medal in water shute sliding...

  3. Just discovered your lovely blog [via Beyond The nook] and loving it. Plan on reading back thru all posts next week when I have more time.

    Re Railway Posters, do check Floss [http://trocbroc.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/thrill-of-what-you-already-have-july.html] who is doing a monthly blogfest about old railway posters. Gorgeous!!

    blessingws x

  4. Welcome and thanks Angela. I'll check out the railway posters!