Tuesday, 31 July 2012

That Don't Make It Junk!

I can't bear clumsy attempts to sell me stuff that I don't need or want whether it be over the phone, in person or by post.  Let me use my experience at the entrance to Saltram House on my recent visit as an example.   Really the National Trust, that darling of the charity world,  should know better than resorting to godawful  tactics designed to beat those meeker and milder than myself into submission. My fruitless conversation went something like this.

'One adult ticket please'.
'Do you know that if you join today you'd get admission free of charge'
'Yes I realise that but I don't want to join'
'It'll be worthwhile if you think that you'll be visiting four of our properties in the next year'
'I don't think I will.'
'Well here's your receipt - you can always have your ticket money refunded if you do go ahead and become a member today'.
'I won't be doing that.'
'Let me give you a leaflet about the benefits so you can see if you want to change your mind'.
'Let me return it to you as it's a waste of paper.  I WON'T BE JOINING!'

Occasionally though I'm targeted in a way that makes me feel much more warm and fuzzy about those who are trying to flog me stuff.  I was delighted the other day to receive not one, but three catalogues in the post that might have whetted my appetite for some future spending. Unfortunately for the companies concerned the time when I dig into my wallet may be at least a little way off.

Ehrman's 2012-2013 needlepoint catalogue is a thing of beauty.  I've been hard pressed to find a favourite kit but I think that  this gloriously decadent peacock designed by Alex Beattie might be it.  I'd snap it up tomorrow, along with about twenty of the other designs if I were a shopaholic.  But I'll desist as there's now five unfinished cushion in the house already.  Not only does the brochure contain some examples of wonderful stitchery pokery there's  work in other media by some of their designers.  Check out Margaret Murton's website for her wonderful woodworks and this fish project from a school workshop.

Cookson's, the jewellery supply firm who come wholeheartedly recommended for their excellent quality and range of products and service that is second to none, are trying to inspire me to fork out some dosh as well.  There's some gorgeous decal beads that they'd like me to buy right now but I'm sticking to my guns about not acquiring jewellery supplies at the moment.  Then there's  wonderful articles giving tips on techniques and more dangerously showing highly covetable pieces by very clever craftsmen.  I'm in awe  of  the Hairy Growler Jewellery Company  both for their skill and resourcefulness in using upcycled materials and their audacity in their choice of name for a business.

Finally though those excellent discount sellers, the Book People might actually persuade me to stump up immediately  and start spreading the cost of Louis' Christmas presents for 2012.  What I particularly like   is the sets of books for children offered at prices way below the Recommended Retail Price of the individual volumes.  Louis acquired his 'Wimpy Kid' and Roald Dahl collections for a song this way  Helpfully their  literary selection for kids give the age group that the books might appeal to, decidedly useful for clueless relatives in search of a gift for young Johnny.  And if you spend over £25, postage is free. The perfect excuse to bump up the spending by adding a cookbook or two!

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