Monday, 9 July 2012

Thought for the Day: Miserable Cow?

Although I like you lot out there in the blogosphere to think that my thoughts are brimming forth with love and as pure as the driven snow I'm waaaaay off being beatified after my death.  I, the less than saintly Lovelygrey can be really mean and nasty in my head.  Sometimes that spills over into words and actions too.  (Note to self: must try harder when it comes to virtue).

Take for example when I was on the gate redirecting people to the new venue for the school country fayre.  Many people waved and smiled at the sodden being in a  plastic stacking chair as they drove past.  One girl though, went by in her car two or three time, staring ahead with a face like thunder.  Oops!  One of those less than perfect thoughts slipped out.  'Miserable Cow!' I thought.

There was nothing much to do a lot of the time, whilst getting drenched  except think some more.  Me, I'm a proper little philosopher at times who'd probably knock the spots off Plato and his mates.  It occurred to me that those spot judgements we make about someone's character can be so off the mark.  Just because they cut you up at traffic lights, commit that cardinal British sin of queue jumping, ignore you or look like they've lost a pound and found a penny doesn't mean that they are always miserable or evil through and through!


  1. Someone once advised me to smile and told me I looked like someone died. With tears in my eyes, I said, "My mother died last night."

    Some people who are thinking or concentrating look like they are angry.

  2. Hi Practical Parsimony - the original idea behind this post stemmed from the experience of a friend whose partner had recently died having to endure a comment about loss of sense of humour. I look really grumpy if I'm not smiling - my brother and I have inherited Papa Lovelygrey's 'miserable git' mouth which naturally turns down at each corner!