Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thought for the Day: You're not Welcome Elton!

I'm part of that sixties and seventies cohort where bigotry was entrenched within  the National Curriculum and was perhaps up there with the three Rs.  One of my vivid memories from junior school was watching our class teacher laying into a child and openly deriding him purely because he came  from a family of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Surely now such an act would lead to instant dismissal?

So it should!   Certainly political correctness does  go mad at times but I wouldn't like to return to the days where the N-word would go unchallenged by dinner ladies in a playground. I'm so happy that my son has tolerance firmly ingrained within his psyche. To think that others view people with a different skin colour or race as inferior is an anathema to him.  At school he knocks around with kids with significant disabilities without resorting to the words 'Flid' or 'Spaz' that were in common parlance way back when.  And he accepts, without question or comment, those fun, friendly and kind people that he regularly meets who just happen to be gay as well.

So it was with surprise that I heard today on the radio that the Boy Scouts of America are maintaining a policy of excluding gay members and leaders which must stem from a belief that there is a greater chance of someone being a paedophile if they have a sexual preference for an adult of the same sex.  There are differing views on this but Harvard University should be a reliable source and their website cites evidence that says that this is not so. Let me applause the fact that the Scout Association in the UK has an equal opportunities policy and welcomes members and leaders in spite of their sexual orientation. As a parent of a Cub Scout, a non uniformed helper and a person who counts members of the gay community amongst my dearest friends , I am more than comfortable with this inclusive stance.

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