Monday, 30 July 2012

We Will Fleece Them On The Beaches!

School holidays are the time when those greedy blighters in the tourist trade are rubbing their hands with glee.  There's a enormous captive audience who are restricted to going away in the high season and boy, are they going to made to pay for the privilege of being herded together en masse in whichever class of accommodation they've chosen.

Sometimes though there is a sneaky way to avoid paying top notch prices for rooms, self catering apartments and yes, even camping pitches.  Would it surprise you to learn that I've just booked into a five star holiday park in Brittany with a vast swimming pool complex, kid's clubs and a electrical hookup for the van.  There's even free ice cream and drinks for Louis a good part of each day.  The cost of seven days in August?  Just £103! Way less than the price of many a rough site in England with the de rigueur mildewy toilet block.

So how have I bagged this  bargain?  Well it goes without saying that no tour operator was involved.  I've booked directly with the company concerned.   But I'm also aware of the fact that most of the French have their own holidays done and dusted by mid August. After this prices plummet and being out and about in a resort has less of that rugby scrum feel about it as well as being cheaper.  It's not only places abroad where this might apply.  A friend once spent an 'Easter' break in self catering accommodation in Cornwall as our neighbouring country had set different term time dates.

So before you shell out on those expensive family forays in the future, think before you shell out a packet and see if being a little creative with timing can yield huge savings.

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