Sunday, 8 July 2012

When Summer Really Was Summer

Posting later than usual today as I stayed up way past my bedtime yesterday.  I'm wondering about whether that thumping headache is due to the school, our emergency venue for Liverton Country Fayre,  being plagued by sick building syndrome.  It can't be due to the plentiful real ale, imbibed to celebrate the event's success in spite of the weather, can it?

I wore many hats yesterday.  Of course there was lots of lugging stuff around. Then there was the arduous task of getting cuppas for firemen - an unpleasant task but someone's got to interact with those big burly devils.  Oh! and I also took over puzzlingly popular 'Hook a Duck' stall when the fayre was in its last throes.  It's amazing appeal was lost on me but maybe it's a form of gambling addiction for the under tens.  My favourite job though was taking photos of the abandonned field for a photo-montage that  the committee are putting together to celebrate the 2012 event.  I may show these on another occasion but, looking at the BBC website today there's far too many images of a soggy Devon being banded about.  My thoughts are with those poor people whose homes have been flooded.

So instead, I'll harp back to sunnier years and show you this picture of our fayre that I accidentally stumbled across on Google.  I've blown it up really large to show its texture.  It's by Devon artist Richard Teasdale  and I'm really chuffed that I've discovered his work, especially his gorgeous local landscapes that capture scenes of much loved places around here.  I especially love his interpretation of the abandonned pub that I pass on the way to work everyday.   Follow the link and enjoy whilst I get back to nursing that poorly head before tackling the housework.  Life in the day of Lovelygrey can't be all glitz and glamour after all!

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  1. Yes, summer is a busy time. Summer is so short here so I try to take advantage of what is going on outdoors. Glad you were able to undertake the 'nasty' job of serving the you said - some one has to do it. :-)