Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wrapping and Stretching

The heartiest thanks goes out to Chasing Lightning Bugs for giving me the inspiration to sort out my lardy-arsed wardrobe crisis that I wrote about last week. It's only a slight exaggeration to say that none of my lovely clothes, many of which were made especially for me by Mama Lovelygrey, fitted.    I'll admit now that the daily ritual of rooting around trying to find something that I could just about squeeze into was getting me down big time.  As was being uncomfortable for much of the day in those remaining ill-fitting  things that I eventually chose to wear.  The prospect of feeling like this for another few months whilst I lost weight was too much to bear.

So, Chasing Lightning Bugs, bless her, suggested that I bought some stuff that would still fit when I get back to being svelte and trim.  Genius!  I loved her idea of wrap round dresses and here's one of my purchases from Ebay that will tide me through these desperate times and beyond.  Her other suggestion of wrap skirts though?  Well, they're not really my bag due to a tendency to accidentally expose far too much flabby flesh when I've tried them in the past.  But other solutions came to me.

In a bid to get sorted out pronto and move onto the more important issues in life,  I've uncharacteristically turned away from my traditional secondhand haunts and turned to the High Street proper.   A couple of hundred pounds has been thrown at the problem.  Gulp!  But I think it's worth it.   It's meant that most of my old wardrobe can be been 'mothballed' .  Let's hope that this is an apt term and those nibbly critters don't find my hidden stash and bite holes in everything before I wear it again.  It's all been replaced for the time-being by clothes that are all well fitting, comfy and allow me to feel good about my appearance again.

I've shelled out on, what I think the designers call, a capsule collection, starting with this lovely maxi dress that I found in the Fat Face sale during my lunch break in Totnes.  There was a non frumpy skirt with an elasticated waist too.  After work, I then shot off to Newton Abbot to see what heady delights a middle sized market town could offer to an out of hours shopper on a  desperate mission that turned out, against the odds, to be thoroughly successful.

I've embraced stretchiness and, to cover up those emergent chicken wings, there's some slouchy knitwear to wear over the top of the sleeveless offerings. From the forays into  Asda, Tesco and Next , which I'd hitherto viewed as unpromising hunting grounds, I've come up with a bundle of stuff, mainly in those patriotic hues of  red, white and blue .   This pinky toned jumper from Tesco is an exception but ties in nicely with my nationalistic theme. Amazingly, considering it cost just £14, it was made in  good old Blighty!

My wonderful  wardrobe will see me through the next few months of work, play, holidays and weddings.  It's already boosting my self image at a time that  I'm feeling lumpy and bumpy in all the wrong places. And  all of it,  except those larger sized cheap jeans, will be wearable  when I reach my 'stick thin'  goal of ten stone! 

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  1. oh, the dress you found looks so comfy AND flattering. my weight has always fluctuated, and i can't bear that stuffed in, too tight, bursting over the top, feeling. several years ago i found that sarongs were great on me. so i started making skirts that are basically big rectangles with two ties. they hug and drape perfectly and i can wear them when i'm 25 pounds up or down.
    i'm so glad you're finding the right clothes. you'll feel so much happier as you lose the weight!
    and thanks for the shout out...i was really surprised :)