Thursday, 12 July 2012

You Don't Get a Dunkin on a Donut!

I've delayed posting about the last event organised by the excellent Ranger Ralph Club on Dartmoor because I was trying to discover the name of the boats that we built on the day.  The ranger hosting the event used a funny foreign word that, for the life of me, I can't find on the Internet.  However when I described what we'd done to a Cub Scout Leader he knew exactly what had been built.  'Ah!, a donut raft!' 'That'll do rather nicely,' I thought.

If you're after a  thoroughly enjoyable low cost  team  building activity in the great outdoors for adults and children alike, I couldn't recommend this more highly.  As Louis demonstrates here, it demands gathering an awful lot of thin branches which are bent and pressed together in between two circles of stakes.  These are then tied together to make a wreath shape.  Just add a woven floor and then fill the with soft vegetation.  Tie the whole thing up in a tarp and there you have it. A thoroughly river worthy craft which will take the weight of at least nine children.  Or seven and one less than svelte ranger!

Now if you follow my pitiful instructions above you'd probably sink and be cursing me forever more.  Here's a link where another blogger describes the whole process far more eloquently than I could ever do.

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  1. That looks fun! It's good to see children having the kind of adventures that will live in their memories and build their personalities. In the future, when the youngsters of today reminisce about their childhood, I can't imagine they'll say, 'Oh I remember that day on the X-Box when...'