Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Clean Slate

Today's post illustration could have been a mouldy old blackboard but I resisted and went off in search on good old Google for something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.  I reckon this lovely slate ball by James Parker Drystone Sculptures does the trick blooming well.

I'll 'fess up now and shamefacedly admit that July's attempt to live on a budget of £20 a day was a bloody disaster.  'Charalatan!' I squirm as I can hear some of you saying it.  'Call yourself a thrifty blogger!'  But a fill up of fuel for the motorhome and my massive clothes blowout to combat my lardy blues tipped the balance.  However I've done some back of the envelope sums and reckon that August could be a different kettle of fish even though there's a wedding, a festival and a holiday on the cards.  The car was filled up with diesel tomorrow, the fridge is chock full of groceries.  I'm starting the month with that clean slate and there really is nothing else to there?

This morning Lou and I are making the most of unfettered water use for the last time.  The dishwater and washing machine are loaded and humming in the kitchen, Louis' bath was as deep as it could go and I'm filling the vans before I go.  Because today the meter cometh.  The question is - Will I be able to resist the copious use of buckets of grey water to save a bob or two?

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