Monday, 27 August 2012

Chocolate Willy Anyone?

Well, I’d hoped to present you with a picture of the magnificent anatomically correct specimen attached to a lion that we spotted  in a confectioner’s shop in Concarneau.  Completely crafted from Lovelygrey’s favourite sweet stuff of course.  Sacre Bleu!  Thank your lucky stars that my shot of the leonine 83% cocoa jubblies came out blurry so you’re spared those blushes.

So what shall I show you instead that will tempt you to this wonderful town with its fortified heart that I  am happy to return to again and again?  There’s endless beautiful beaches in the environs, a great market on Mondays and Fridays,  lovely shops and an aire de camping car to die for, right by sports facilities and the sea on a wooded promontory at Porzou about a mile from the centre.  It doesn’t come much better.

As I said the other day the freezer is stacked with multi-pack desserts to keep our costs down but that doesn’t mean that the art of the glacier is by-passed altogether.  For two days in a row we succumbed to excellent  sugar cones and enjoyed it whilst listening to the sound of Micamac. These  extraordinarily skilled musicians site themselves just within the citadel walls, yards from a glacerie.  I understand that they’ve been a bit of a feature for a few summers past so if your family holiday brings you to these parts you may well catch them.  Even if folksy type of music is not your bag it’s well worth hearing the interesting interpretation of Irish crooning by an out and out Breton bloke.  As well as songs from the homeland of Guinness, these chaps play  an eclectic mix of Breton, Andean and ancient music on a range of instruments that  include a good few which seem to have been  crafted from garden canes.  And surprisingly good it sounds too.  If you can’t get to the westernmost reaches of France to check out Micamac and the ices yourselves, get a Magnum out of the freezer and follow the link here to see if these minstrel types from this ultimate seafaring community float your boat.

For a few years, I’ve noticed that holidays let me listen to what’s going on in my head and my heart. What I’ve found I’ve had a chance to be still that’s been rumbling on in the background whilst I’ve been working, making a new home and dealing with everyday stuff isn’t entirely comfortable.    

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