Friday, 3 August 2012

Dedicated to Snobby Friend

Now the rather gorgeous Snobby Friend lurrrrves to shop and jolly good she is at it too!  She's always picking up rather beautiful things for her home and garden and her wardrobe is second to none.  No-one  could accuse her of being a bargain hunter though.  Her immaculately made up eyelashes do not even flicker, let alone bat twice, at the thought of buying something at its full price.

Being in an office of many like minded souls who often share thrifty tips must be rubbing off a little.  Last week she waltzed into the office with swathes of expensive cloth trailing from her body and announced proudly that she too is economising - in her own inimitable style of course!

'Mr SF made a list so he could cook lots of lovely recipes from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Veg Book.  Then he went to Waitrose and our whole shop only came to eighty pounds!'

The jaws of Scary Secretary and I hit the floor with a thud and did so again a few minutes later when a realisation came to my esteemed typing whizzkid.

'And she's got an allotment!'  came the cry of disbelief from the other end of the office.

I thought that I might have persuaded Snobby Friend to try the cheaper  supermarkets a couple of years back after a Lidl vs. Waitrose cheese straw taste test  but the message clearly didn't sink in.  She insists she loves the ambience of the 'posher' gaff so I thought that I'd try again to demonstrate just how much more that she might be paying for her upmarket shopping experience.

On Monday I visited Lidl in Tavistock, mainly to stock up on lunch box essentials for Lou.  He's attending holiday club at the moment and he too might be getting ideas above his station as he's developed a penchant for cucumber sandwiches!

Anyway here's a list of the items that I bought and I compared the prices, as closely as possible to the Ocado website from whence home deliveries from Waitrose come.  I've doctored my shop a little.  Where I bought multiple items I've only shown one on my spreadsheet.   Also, to the best of my belief, Waitrose don't sell blackcurrant gum so I left that off.  And where there wasn't an exact match for an item I've substituted the nearest item - Waitrose cheapest butter for example and a different sized pack of Typhoo with the cost adjusted on a per teabag basis.

Shopping at the discounter saved me just under 28% on the cost of my total shop.  For that, I'll stomach a questionnably less pleasant shopping experience. Furthermore, the punnets of home ripening peaches at Waitrose are achieving reviews that only take them a smidgeon over 1 star out of five.  Mine from Lidl are absolutely lush!


  1. Loved the comment "and she's got an allotment". Lidls is not very local to me but I will pop in to get some peaches when I am next passing. Thanks for the tip. My flower extravagance (one bunch a week mind) is kept under financial control at Aldi who sell a nicer selection than most other expensive stores. Although you have to get there early as it is a popular store even with the Mercedes & BMW crowd.

  2. I don't think I spend long enough in a shop to notice the ' ambience'. I'm a woman on a mission - in , get what I need, and out again, and I don't visit any of the aisles that don't contain things I need.