Saturday, 11 August 2012

Double Tena, Knicker Wettingly, Exciting Upcycling!

I recall in the past saying I wasn't going to show you any half completed projects anymore. But to hell with it! I'm going back on my word. It's not as if I'm a reformed armed robbery going back to crime after all.  Work in progress so far has only involved peeling a few stickers off this old eye testing equipment, so that hardly counts.  Does it?

Under the back staircase at work has provided rich recycling pickings for me and my magpie-like colleagues in the mental health team.  It's where things that have been deemed past their sell-by date accumulate until there's enough rubbish for the hospital to hire a skip.  Barbie Nurse has had a couple of metal trolleys and a coffee table and the Master of Love snaffled two wardrobes when twenty three of these solid wood beauties were just about to be turned into firewood.  Needless to say, I saved one from imminent death too.  It can be spotted, perked up and painted in my 'Big Boy Bedroom Makeover' post.  They were disposed of on the grounds that they were wooden and therefore a hygiene risk to life and limb. I'm firmly of the believe that a little dirt never hurt anyone so ignored the comment, from a  person who will remain nameless.  They gave the opinion that given its provence, it was highly probable that some  poor confused psychiatric patient had peed in it!

After seeking permission, of course, I've had a couple of trolleys which have been useful for tool storage, a wheeled table (more work in progress!), a bin,  a low level cupboard and this, my most recent find -  a thing of beauty!  Or is that saying about this being in the eye of the beholder correct?  It's in full working order and the only thing wrong is that one of the lettering plates is cracked.  Nothing that some judicious gluing won't put pay to.

As I am so truly thrilled by my find I don't think that it'll be long before it's transformed.  I'm going to saw off part of its supporting pole as it's a bit high at the moment.  Then with the aid of a couple of cans of black Hammerite paint, some new eco-bulbs and maybe a funky new monochrome flex, it's going to be transformed into a must have object that will make any doubting Thomases out there green with envy!

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  1. Excellent haul!!! Silly silly person! Dirt is good! And as for the peeing.... Lordy lordy.

    The lamp is a real feature piece and how fabulous!