Monday, 13 August 2012

Hey Nana! I Want Some of These

My regular readers will be aware that both of Louis' Nanas are avid but surreptitious lovelygreyday blog readers. They stay firmly in the background, neither following publicly nor posting comments, but my online diary has brought them closer.

Respect for my elders is one of the reasons that my posts stay on the whiter of side of grey.  After all, you don't want your mum to know just how many porno films you've starred in.  I jest, of course, as there's no way I'd take my cosy clothing off and  bare my naked fat bits to an audience.

Nana and Mama Lovelygrey are multi-skilled women.  They both cook the type of wholesome good food that would make the Hairy Bikers groan with pleasure and throw their diets to the wind.  Take   Nana Lovelygrey's sponge topped stewed fruit as an example.  Drizzled with pouring cream it's a thing to behold. And Mama Lovelygrey, my own mum has all round creative abilities that are second to none.  She cooks, grows things, sews and likes to mess around with wood as I've shown here and here in previous posts.

Lou and I have been festivalling this weekend at love summer 2012, a teeny tiny do in the Devon countryside.  Now no gathering of this type is complete without someone teaching wholesome circus skills and we got to grips with stilt walking.  I have to say that for a klutz, I'm pretty good at it.

Anyway, Louis phoned Nana just after this picture was taken to ask her if she could make a pair of stilts for him that are EXACTLY the same as the ones in the photo including the Rastafarian paint job.  Can you rise to the challenge Mama Lovelygrey? xxx

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