Friday, 17 August 2012

Keeping Afloat

I'm starting to feel all nautical in preparation for the ferry crossing at the start of the holiday in a couple of days time.  So to celebrate my fortnight long escape from the shackles of the NHS, healing the sick and all that, here's some bits of maritime inspiration.

Does anyone else out there subscribe to emails from Fab, the design website? As well as being an almighty source of temptation for shopaholics it's also quite inspirational for the artsy-crafty folk amongst us.  I was quite taken by Mini Modern's Whitby range of furnishings, wallpaper and homeware  featuring fishing boats that was featured a couple of weeks ago.  Fans of all things retro are urged to feast their eyes by following this link.

And  how about a nautical soundscape too? Eschew old favourites like  Rod Stewart's 'Sailing' and  try Freight Ships by Small Town Jones instead.  This bloke, who I suspect from his accent, hales originally from a similar part of the South East as myself, now lives in North Devon. I discovered him via a local BBC TV broadcast. making news by being given the honour of  playing for athletes in the Olympic village to help them chill out before their competitions.  His music is haunting stuff which is currently keeping me company as I zoom around those holidaymaker's bimbling around the lanes around here at the moment.  Don't they realise that some of us haven't got time to drive at 20mph staring at ponies.  We've got work to do!


  1. we'll be on the ferry for a cheapie brittany ferries long weekend on the 24th - will be thinking of you and the other 'janners' getting away for a few days xx

  2. Not quite a Janner as live twenty five miles east of Plymouth! x