Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Onerous-less Ironing!

A while back I wrote about how I'd had a change of heart about the once loathed task of ironing and I'd made it more enjoyable by adapting the way that I do the task in true occupational therapist style.  Now in my new home I've made it even more stress free and I thought I'd demonstrate with an annotated photo.  Excuse the childish hand.  This illustration represents one of my first tries at playing with a graphics pad and drawing package.  It's not yet brought out my inner Leonardo da Vinci.

  1. You'll note that my ironing board is set to a low height.  There's no rule in the universe that says that you have to waste energy and do the job standing up!
  2. I've got a comfy seat.  Yes, it's a  Lloyd Loom that needs a makeover.   But it's not one that I acquired whilst recently kitting out the house.   Me and it go back a long way.  I loaned it to Nan when I was a child after she'd had a stroke and suffered hemi-paresis that she never recovered from.  Rumour has it that she died in this self same chair but that doesn't give it an aura of spookiness or anything. Nan's probably far too busy in the next life keeping Grandad under control to have time to come back and haunt me!
  3. There's a giant cup of tea for sustenance.  Sometimes this can be a glass of wine or beer if I'm in the mood for something a tad stronger.
  4. I keep a full jug of water nearby so I'm not constantly running out for refills for the reservoir.
  5. I plonk my laptop on a little folding table that's usually kept behind the wardrobe and catch up with online TV whilst smoothing my smalls!   There's a subconscious rule that this is a time for light entertainment and even total tripe at times.   This week's offerings that soothed the horror of an overflowing washing basket was of relatively high quality compared to some of the muck that I've thoroughly enjoyed.  There were two episodes of  the zany US comedy New Girl and the Hairy Dieters who've given me a great idea of what to do with the leek in my fridge.  
  6. The knicker, T shirt and trouser drawers are within reach so things can be put away as I go along.
  7. Ditto the wardrobe where my skirts, dresses and outdoor gear live.
  8. That leaves the bed, that is right behind me,  free for Louis' freshly pressed clothes and airing cupboard stuff that can be put away after the task is done and dusted.
Now here's a little exercise for you lot out there.  Take a household task that you loathe and see how you might change it so it's a mite more pleasurable!


  1. I made those crn fritters last nightx

  2. I can't sit down whilst ironing, I'm vertically challenged (a short arse!) and even with the ironing board adjusted, still can't put enough pressure on the ironing !

  3. Ironing? Isn't that what body-heat does anyway once you're dressed?

  4. You nearly had me there but I got distracted by your lovely wardrobe. I live in fear of a power-cut because I am a iron it when you need it type of girl. Also I provided excellent training to the other-half immediately we got married.