Sunday, 5 August 2012

Posh Kid at a Wedding

Now I know that I am his mum and I know that makes me oh so biased but doesn't my lovely, lovely boy look incredibly smart and handsome here? Yesterday we spent a delightful day in rural Somerset at Crowcombe Court for the marriage of Louis' cousin Ben to the wonderful Sarah.  I would have liked to have posted loads more shots of this glorious day but, for some reason unknown to mankind, most of my pictures turned out to be cack!  Let's hope that someone else in attendance took some more inspiring shots.

So, instead of the pseudo-feature from 'Wedding' magazine that I'd planned, I'll do a thrifty kids occasionwear post instead.  It may come as a bit of a surprise but Louis doesn't dress like this very often. His usual activities, that seem to involve copious amounts of grubbing about in mud and muck, are not conducive to the suited and booted look at all.   Middle of the road high street stores all do their own versions of  formal wear for kids that would have kitted him out nicely but I balked at paying upwards of forty five pounds for something that's only likely to be worn once.

Ah! here's one of my few successful photos.  Don't you think that the far right carrot would make a wonderful snowman's nose in more chilly seasons?
Anyway I digress from the the point in question.  Ebay is brimming with outfits that young whippersnappers have probably  worn just once at weddings.  Looking though the current selection I think that I might have  paid over the odds for Louis' waistcoat and cravat, originally from Debenhams .  I 'won' these for £9 including postage costs and I reckon if I'd have held out for a better bargain I could have got away with a fiver.  Even so,  teamed with school uniform items totally £6.75  from Asda,  I managed to put together an outfit for at least a third of the price of  comparable ones from Marks and Spencer, Next, John Lewis and the like.  And of course, the trousers will come in very nicely for the impending autumn term!

Addendum:  I knew that  if I was patient Facebook would yield rich pickings and make up for my less than David Bailey like performance yesterday.  So here, mainly for Nana, Mama and Papa Lovelygrey who follow this blog incognito are the radiant bride and groom.....

....and my wonderful niece Charlotte and her fella Chris.  She's turned out okay considering that I  kicked her in the head on our first meeting. The moral of the story is, don't let accident prone would-be aunties try to teach toddlers how to do forward rolls!


  1. He certainly does look handsome!

  2. Very handsome and dapper and you'd never guess the amount of cash you had spent on his outfit.Bargain!