Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Last of the Rogers?

Photo: Wilfried Wittkowsky
It's likely that this post may be entirely lost on most of my overseas cousins as slang  varies so much from country to country.  For example, to the bewilderment of my American friends I titter rather immaturely whenever they mention that the pastor of their church is called Randy.  It gets even better when they add his surname into the mix but to preserve his privacy and dignity  I'll keep this gentleman's full identity to myself.  After all, he's not to blame, if to English ears, his mother saw fit to give him a  name that seems far  more conducive to a gay pin up artist rather than the devout man of God that I'm sure he is.

My active little mind started ticking over yesterday after I'd read an article on the BBC website asking whether any recently born baby boys go by the once popular name of  Derek.  It got me thinking.  Does anyone dare christen their children Roger or Fanny anymore?


  1. Sadly, I suspect that were any to do so then the vast majority of them would be "Roga" and "Fani". In Hollywood, America; Rrogerr and Phanii.

    Yours sincerely, etcetera, etcetera, Dick.

  2. I also read that article. I'd like to put Barry in there as well.
    On a slightly darker note, I've always wondered if anyone has been christened 'Myra' in the UK since the 60's?

  3. Love the name Fanny, if I'd had a daughter she would have been called Fanny. I didn't so I had to make do with giving myself the CB handle of Flying Fanny. Caused a great deal of hilarity, can't think why, it's such a pretty name ;o)