Saturday, 4 August 2012

The World: My Oyster!

Photo: Riley Huntley
At the risk of repeating myself, it never ceases to amaze me just how much information is at my fingertips on the  glorious World Wide Web.  In celebration of this here's a taster of what I've discovered over the last week.

  • Now I knew that the hues of those lovely  hydrangeas, that are abundant at the moment indicate soil pH but I didn't realise that they are in constant disagreement with litmus paper.  For them, a blue flower indicates an acid soil.
  • Contrary to the beliefs of my work colleagues I'm not eccentric.  I have to say that I'm a little disappointed!
  • Facebook alerted me to the fact that a potentially wonderful store Social Fabric which will run creative workshops as well as selling fabric and stuff is soon to open in Totnes.
  • There's a Briton in Iraq who was tortured and unfairly tried.  Now he's been sentenced to fifteen years in prison after trial lasting a quarter hour.  I've signed Amnesty's petition to request his release
  • I dream of a house of my own.  This one at nearby Haytor would fit the bill nicely with its attached studio.  At £480,000 it's out of my price range and I'd have to win.....
  • Euromillions!  Even though I'm not a regular lottery player I'm considered playing for the 148 million Euro jackpot.  I could do a lot of good for myself, friends and family and yes, complete strangers with that kind of wonga.
  • My hose reel is misbehaving.  It's blocked and I still haven't found a solution. Still I know that others suffer similar angst over garden equipment!

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