Monday, 6 August 2012

Unconventional Use of Ordinary Objects

Think outside the box and throw those manufacturer's instructions for appliances to the wind!  I've written before about how the kitchen is stuffed full of craft tools and have also been known to dry shoes in the microwave and wash baseball caps in the dishwasher.  These little experiments into uncharted territory don't always work out. Be mindful of Brainiac before you go too far. The laws of physics and chemistry are universally applicable.  Nibs of fountain pens aren't robust enough to withstand the forces involved to lever open a walnut as Louis discovered a couple of years ago.

For obvious reasons I don't normally take pictures in  public toilets but just had to pull the camera from the bag when I popped into to the ones at Tavistock Bus Station last week.  Some health and safety officer must have had a vivid imagination.  Has anyone out there ever tried to light their cigarette from a hand drier?!

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