Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Thought for the Day: Getting Set and Going Away

Before motherhood, annual leave was used to participate in a maelstrom of activities, trekking in the mountains  and getting caught out by unpredictable weather fronts being the main one.  I’ll never forget on the ‘Tour de Mont Blanc’ when we left Switzerland in shorts and  prematurely ended the day making an emergency descent in a blizzard!  One day when I’ve persuaded my son to like hiking or when he’s flown the nest I’ll don my backpack and set off on foot for some more wilderness adventures.  For I am really a female Bear Grylls, except I don’t give myself enemas on dodgy looking rafts.

But at the moment my holidays are much more sedate affairs - a bit of gentle cycling, swimming, reading, kipping and the occasional trip to a tourist attraction.   Oh! and there’s a lot of waiting around whilst Louis plays with newly acquired friends.   But hang on!  I live on the edge of Dartmoor, just a short drive from Devon’s beautiful coastline with a wealth of things to do on my doorstep.  It begs the question.  Couldn’t I just save myself an absolute packet and holiday in my well equipped home instead where I don’t have to be inventive and cook with two pans on two rings?

The short answer is a resounding NO!  Allegedly there’s gypsy blood in me so that may be the reason why the urge to travel is so strong.  But I think it’s really that I couldn’t abdicate responsibility for all the routine things to do in my own house.  Read four books in a fortnight?  Not when there’s a pile ironing  or long grass nagging away.  I have to go away to make myself stop and slow down.  Putting distance between Lovelygrey Cottage and myself allows me to forego my domestic goddess tendencies, have a bit of fun and gather those important thoughts that have limited time to come to the forefront in my normal hurly-burly life.

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