Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Veg Box Tales: Corn Fritters

Am I the only person out who gets excited about the contents of their veg box.  Discovering those seasonal goodies is just as rewarding for a forty seven year old as finding out what was in my  Christmas pillowcase at the age of ten.  And this week I was truly thrilled as sweetcorn is back!  To celebrate its return I thought I'd do something special with my two ears.  The cobs of corn that is and not the ones attached to my head.  So, inspired by those naked people  that I stumbled upon a few days ago.  I thought that I'd rustle up some fritters.  Mine though didn't come from this website but is based roughly on an ancient but still useful cookbook from the eighties, Vegetarian Meals by Rosamund Richardson,  one of the collection that I used to pick up in Sainsburys along with my bananas.  Vegans, look away!  This version contains dairy and eggs - and I cooked them with my clothes on.

Here's those lush beauties fresh out of the veg box.  I took off their papery coats, held them vertically on my chopping board and ran a knife down to release those delicious kernels.

The result....a load of corn nibs and a rectangular thing that looks a bit like a loofah that can be thrown on the compost heap if you have one.

For each cob's worth of corn add an egg,  a tablespoon of flour and a dash of milk.  Oh! and seasoning of course.  Whizz just for a little.  What you'll end up with is a sloppy mix like this.  Don't fear.   All will be well!

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add spoonfuls of the mixture and cook on one side for a couple of minutes.  Don't be tempted to mess around with the little pools of slop in the pan too soon.  All well be well if you leave them for long enough before turning.  They stiffen up nicely and look like this.

Serve with....? Well, here I've diverted way off the vegan track.  There's a portabello mushroom with a scattering of cheese and some fried cherry tomatoes with cubes of chorizo. Yum!  I'm sure smaller versions would be lovely served as a starter with a chast meat, dairy and egg free dipping sauce as the recipe that first gave me the idea suggests!

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  1. I make a variation of this with onion and red pepper and parsley added at the blender stage.